Our Vision

Our vision is to be Botswana’s most trusted and reliable customer-focused online shopping network that connects customers and businesses. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a customer-centric marketplace for consumers seeking competitively priced products from a wide selection conveniently. 

Our Journey

Our journey started as far back as 2016 and has been filled with passion to continuously create a platform that can help African businesses & consumers to interact seamlessly under a one stop platform, convenient from anywhere

Our Values

Our values are centered on customer focus, business integrity, security of our customers and business information, working together for the common goal of customer satisfaction & ultimately being an innovative & continuously evolving company.

Our Ethics

Our ethics fall under our responsibility to our customers, our shareholders, our business partners and ultimately to our community & environment in which we operate in. Our business services and products are ethically acquired & sold to customers at competitive prices.

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